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Reno-Sparks NAACP Past-Presidents

A TALE OF FIVE PRESIDENTS — Back row, left to right: Lonnie L. Feemster, Rose Gordon and Elder William Moon. Front row: Rev. Onie Cooper and Lucille Adin. (At installation of officers, December, 2008)

Reno-Sparks NAACP Presidents Honor Roll

Alfred O. Smith* 1944-45
Frederick J. Frye* 1945-55
Alice L. Smith* 1955-57
The Rev. E. Lewis Branch* 1957-58
William B. Bailey* 1959-60
Eddie B. Scott* 1961-64
Rev. Howard Gloyd* 1965-66
Eddie B. Scott* 1967-68
Ulysses S. Woodard* 1969-70
Bertha S. Woodard* 1971-76
Rev. Onie Cooper* 1977-78
Dr. Geoffrey Ekechukwu 1979-80
Dolores M. Feemster* 1981

William Mitchell* 1982-83
Dr. John West* 1983-84
Dr. Rupert Grant Seals 1985-86
Bertha S. Woodard* 1987-88
Benjamin Newsome* 1989-90
William Moon* 1991-92
Henry Brown* 1993-94
William Betton III 1995-96
Lorraine Wright* 1996
Kenneth B. Dalton 1997-98
Lonnie L. Feemster 1999-2002
Rose Gordon 2003-04
Lucille Adin 2005-2008
Lonnie L. Feemster 2009-2012
Jeffrey S. Blanck 2013-14
Patricia Y. Gallimore 2015-18
Lonnie L. Feemster 2019-20
Stephanie McCurry 2021-present

* Indicates deceased



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